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Liquid Library: Web App Filter

Web App Filter

Efficiently filters web app items by exact match



  • Name: Web App Filter
  • Price: FREE
  • Version:
  • Released: Sep 25 2015
  • Updated:


Filter is an include file ( that allows the user to add an efficient way to filter through web app items by any field. This Liquid Library item is faster than the traditional “for loop” typically used to filter a web app collection.

This works when an exact match is required. You simply assign three variables:

  • Web App Name (or id)
  • Field Name
  • Value

The include will render the items that match. Optional settings:

  • Filter using parameters in url.
  • Create a collection by using a category.
  • Limit the number of items in the collection.
  • Render as an item or a collection.
  • Sort the collection in various ways.

Example using Filter