BC App Frequently Asked Questions

BC App Frequently Asked Questions

by Scott B Reynolds, February 10th, 2014

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What is the Business Catalyst Open Platform?

The open platform allows you to customize the admin. You are able to create, remove, and edit your own menu items in the left-menu and the top ribbon.

What is a BC App?

A Business Catalyst Application leverages the new open platform. Developers now have the ability to build apps on top of the BC platform. A BC app can be as simple as a regular page, or it can run javascript and call the available BC APIs. A BC app has the ability to create new web app items, edit existing files, create content holder, and so much more. This means you are able create a back-end user interface that controls the front-end of a BC site.

How do I get access?

Until the open platform is released to the public you will need to sign up as a beta tester. You can do that by sending an email to BCPartner-team@adobe.com

How do I sell a BC App?

There are two common ways of selling a BC app. You can build an app and sell it to your customers. Once an app is registered you can add it to any site under your Partner account. If you want to sell it to other BC Partners you can sell your app through the BC App Store.

Can there be more than one app in the BC App Store that does the same thing?


Do I need to style my app to look like the rest of the BC admin?

It’s considered best practice to follow the BC UI. If you are going to sell your app through the BC App Store, you are required to design the app to look like the BC UI as much as possible.

Scott B Reynolds

Scott B Reynolds

Scott is the founder of Thrise LLC, a Business Catalyst partner advisory board member, an Adobe Community Professional, a BC Sandpile manager, an Adobe Certified Expert, an Adobe User Group Manager, a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and a full-time astronaut. Scott has had his hands in HTML since the 90’s and often presents on topics related to design and marketing.

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